Rebates – Small Business View and Customer View

I know you have seen these – typically there are two types.  Your buy something and on the box there is a sticker that says something like rebate enclosed or on a store flyer, web site or on the store shelf you will see that this item has a rebate or an instant rebate. Let’s […]

WordPress – Has been Installed – What next – Login and Password

You have gotten WordPress installed correctly (manually) on your host next you will want to activate WordPress.  I will show this on the manual install video so I am not going to detail this step here.  When WordPress first initiates it will ask you to enter a User Name and a Pass Word.  There some […]

WordPress – Where to Begin Installing WordPress to your Host

This is the second step.  You have chosen to use WordPress dot Org, you have a domain name and you have web hosting.  Your web host will have what is called a “CPanel” – if you happen to already have hosting and you do not have a standard CPanel unless you really know what you […]

WordPress – Where to Begin dot org or dot com

The very first thing to know about WordPress is to get clear which WordPress you want to use.  There are TWO WordPress sites  – and WordPress dot com is a place where you can quickly put up a blog – you just put your blog there and post your content and for most […]

Buying ~ Selling on Line – Some tips on using your credit card(s) on line

Is it safe to use your credit card(s) on line?  The answer is YES!!  It is actually far safer to use your credit card on line than it is to use your credit card almost anywhere else “in person”.  For example you have gone out to eat.  There are two things that can happen either […]

Perhaps the most blatant Domain Renewal ripoff I have seen

I received one of the most blatant ripoff scams that I have ever seen this morning.   This one is far beyond being a ripoff it to me is theft – an attempt to outwardly steal money from unsuspecting web site owners and or small businesses. If you have a web site there are some basic […]

On line sales – selling physical prodcuts on line – some things to watch out for

I received this email this morning:   Hello Sales, Am ordering from Ukraine . I want to place an order from you. Before i place this order, i want you to notify me if i am able to place the order and most important: If i can make payment with my credit cards Visa/Mc (Issued […]

New to Internet Marketing? A look at things that work.

Often in this series on Small Business Guides I will mention, talk about and have links to people, products, services, programs and events that work.  I will be inviting you to take a look at some things and quite often these are things that will cost you money.  It is also highly possible that if […]

New to Internet Marketing? Let’s take a look at some the rip offs!

Internet marketing – eCommerce what ever it is called is pretty new.  Sort of cutting edge stuff.  If you are a small business or are looking to have a small business or expanding your current business to where you are selling on-line there are some things you really need to watch out for and be […]

Products – what is that – what are you selling on your web site?

What exactly are products?  What are you selling or wanting to sell on the Internet? Products can be a wide range of things.  The more common term and the one most people know and understand are real products.  These are physical items packages in a box or envelope and shipped to buyers.  You use you […]