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Thank you for subscribing to the Geezer n Geek site.  We welcome the opportunity to help you learn how to use your computer, how to do some amazing things with the Internet and how to help you use some of the electronic gadgets that connect to your computer.

The first thing to know about the Geezer n Geek site (and this is true with any web site that you may visit) is where things are and how to get from one place to another (and probably the most important thing is how to get back if you happen to get “lost”.    It is sort of like flying into a foreign city where you have never been before and may not know the language.    You have signed up for our free information and I have brought you to this page.   I brought you here so I can give you a bit of a tour.

This is a blog site done with a program called Word Press.  On blog sites there are two main things – there are pages.  Pages are where there is information that does not change.   On this site along the top are tabs which go to pages.  Some of the top tabs have drop down menus that take you to other pages.


The second part of a blog site is the blog posts – this is where information is constantly changing and being updated.   On this site all of the tabs on the lower menu are actually blog posts.  Some of the material is available to non member, some of the material is available to people like yourself who has signed up for the free information and some of the material is available to paid subscribers.

One of the main reasons to use a blog site is there are places where you can ask questions or post comments and anyone else (including us) can reply.   I will show you how blog sites work in a tutorial video.  I will also show you on what is called a PDF.   A PDF is sort of like a Word document – like you would use to write a letter to someone.  In fact quite often PDF files are done with word processing software or programs like Word.  In the course module on how to use word processing software I will be showing you how to create a PDF file.  The advantage of using PDF files is you can email them, or put them on web sites and the file can be seen on any computer that has Adobe Acrobat.  Most computers will have Adobe Acrobat already installed.   We will get into much more of this in the email module of the learning to use the Internet course.  For now the thing to know is if you write something in say Word and email it, the person might not be able to open (read) what you have written if they do not have Word or they have an older version of Word than you have, or they use something other than a PC.  Just about every computer has Adobe Acrobat and so when you use PDF files just about anyone can open (read) what you have written.