Computers Introduction

You Can Lean How to Use Your Computer

Are you completely “lost” when it comes to using your computer?

Do you feel like you are just plain computer illiterate?  Or perhaps computers are just to complicated?  Maybe you are having to ask your children, grand children or great grand children how to do things with your computer?

Have you bought some of the “made simple” of “for Dummies” books about computers and found that either the books were too difficult or your just could not find what you wanted to know, or how to do what you wanted to do?

Maybe you “figured out” how to do something with your computer and when you tried to do that same thing again a week or month later you could not remember how to do that or simply could not get “it” to work again.

Perhaps you had something working and the next time you tried “it” did not work.  Or worse you “did something” and you computer quit working totally.  Maybe your spouse, partner, kids, grand kids or friends will not let you use their computers because it seems every time you do something gets messed up.  Have you ever asked somehow to show you how to do something on a computer and not understood a word they were saying?  Or have someone else “fix it” and have no clue what they did?

Computers are not only here to stay, they have become a necessary tool.  You can learn how to use your computer, you really can and we can help.  You found this site now the first thing to do is bookmark it so you can find this site again.  Don’t know how to bookmark a site?  Don’t worry just write it down on a piece of paper or the note book you use for writing down “computer stuff” for now, I will be teaching you how to bookmark sites so you can find them again.

I have three main ways that I use to teach you how to use your computer.  One way is I have computer tips and information in blog posts here on this site – I often use a combination of pictures and text.  The second way that I use are short videos that will show you how to do things.  The videos will show you what I am doing on my computer and what to expect to happen.  The third way is with live webinars.  You just click on a link at a particular time and day and I will be there live.  You can ask questions on how to do things and I can show you live.  The webinars will be recorded so you can play them back later if you need to go back over the material again.  The webinars will run for 60 to 90 minutes and the playbacks will be indexed so you find and get to the parts that are of interest to you.

I am a geezer as you can see in the photos – I guess time is something that just happens.  I have been using computers for a whole lot of years and have been helping and teaching people how to use computers for just as long.  While I do have to use some geek or technical words, I do attempt to speak and write in “plan English”.   I will have other geeks with me in the videos and on the webinars who can teach highly technical things in ways that are easy to understand.

The most important thing is learning how to use your computer is actually fun and interesting.  I learn new things that I can do with my computers just about every day.  Certainly some things are not at all easy for me, I often have to go to books, webinars, instructional videos and other geeks to get things to work or to figure out how to do something.

There are parts of this site that are free,  I simply share information.  There are parts of the site that are classes or courses that I charge a one time fee for and there are parts of this site that have a monthly membership fee to be able to get to the information.

The sign up form below will get you to the free material and I will email you notices about new material as I add to the site.  First thing to know is I never share names or email addresses with anyone.  I do email newsletters from time to time to people that subscribe.  I send out short emails when new material is added to the site and I do email computer and Internet tips.  You also will get emails about classes, courses and webinars that I am doing.  The main point is you will be getting my material from me and only me when you sign up.  I may recommend others and have links you can click to receive their material if you want.  So fill in the form below to begin to receive my free material.  Please let me know what you want to learn to do with your computer.  Please tell me what about using your computer is giving you problems or you are having trouble making work.  The classes, courses, blog posts and webinars are all based on what you want to learn and where you are getting stuck or having problems with using your computer.