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Discover cPanel

If you have your own web site or blog site or considering setting up you site, here is a set of tutorials that can really help you understand and use cPanel – the control panel where you host your site.  I used this when I was first setting up my first web site and still refer back to it when I need to change something or add to something.  To me this is a “Must Have” series that I continue to use over and over.

Here is a video that will help you understand why this training is important:

Press Play To Take
Control Of Your Websites

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Internet Marketing?? Here is a place where you can get lots of great Information

Bob Jenkins aka Bob the Teacher has a lot of  excellent information on how to actually do internet marking.  This will take you to his library where access is available for everything Bob has been teaching over the past several year.  Bob is able to teach and show you how to do things in a way that is easy to understand. Access to the IMSuccess Library and to Bob the Teacher is highly recommended.


Selling on eBay? Want to learn how? Skip McGrath is an excellent source

Skip McGrath has a number of books and courses on how to sell on eBay and other online sites. He has a free newsletter and blog site with lots of excellent information.

Newsletter for Professional eBay Sellers

And here is one of Skip’s eBay Products. All of the books and information that Skip does is always of excellent quality. Truly a great person to learn from

The Complete eBay Marketing System

Organize your life with Freemind

Free mind is a really great free tool that allows you to organize and plan just about anything. You can plan projects, plan your day, week or whatever. You can set Free mind up to work on you iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

There are some instructions on the Free Mind site however if you want to learn it quickly Bob the teacher has some very good instruction on how to use Free Mind

Using Word Press – Here is a site with some really great free tips

This site has some really great tips on how to better use Word Press.  The tips are free,  are short instructional videos and are very easy to understand and use.

FREE WordPress Tips!

Word Press Training – Create you own website

WordPress is simple a great tool that you can use to create a blog site or a website or a product site.  I had tried for years to do web sites with things like Dreamweaver and Front Page but just could not figure out how to use the software.  I found that Word Press – which is a free blogging tool is really great.  You can do some really amazing things.

I just finished a course done by Christina Hills on how to work with Word Press.  This was a really great on line class.  Lots of training and information and hands on help. I really recommend this class if you want to learn how to really use Word Press.   Christina will be doing another Word Press Creation workshop in the fall.  Click on the graphic for more information

Simple II – Bob Jenkins aka Bob the Teacher Sep 24-26

Simple II is coming to Baltimore, September 24-26. I went to Simple last spring and found this to be one of the very best Internet Marketing training opportunities that I have ever been to.  Click on the image to get more details