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Shipping Resources – Start with a good label printer

One of the very best investments you can make is a good label printer. The Dymo line is perhaps the best choice. There is no ink – these are thermal – they are fast and the printed label is clear and sharp. I have a Dymo Dual Turbo which has printed around 10,000 labels, I did have one fail, they sent me a new one. The Dual is overkill for me I almost never use the second side. Here are a couple. The 460 is a good choice the Turbo is basically the same only faster which will not matter until you get to doing large numbers of labels.

This is really a super deluxe package – a Dymo Dual turbo and a Dymo 5lb scale – I have this combo – the scale connects to your computer so you can upgrade the postage costs. It give you the weight on its own screen and can give you postage. Probably overkill all the way around. A single Dymo will work just fine and there are some good electronic scales available for under $30. All you will really need is the shipping weight when you use Click and Ship or Pay Pal multi order shipping.

Word Press?? Here are a couple of books I use

There are a number of Word Press Books – Here are a couple that I use. If you just want to do a simple blog you can probably do a lot with these books. If you want to really learn how to use Word Press take Christina Hills class.

SEO Search Engine Optimization DIY don’t get ripped off

If you have a web site or a blog site you will find that you will start getting phone calls from people telling you that Google cannot find your web site.  They may even stay on the phone for an hour or more going over your web site with you.  The thing to know is that these so called Web Site Search Engine Optimization places are pure and simply scams, some are total ripoffs.  They will charge you usually thousands of dollars to optimize your website so it appears on Google and other search engines.  Do not spend money with these people.  You can do this your self.  There is a lot of free information available on SEO and a number of very good books.  Here is one book that I use.