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Tape Gun Use

Fold down the box tabs – first tape the center seam – pull out a couple of inches of tape from the tape gun and stick it to the side – pull the tape gun across the seam and over the side.  Lift up the handle to cut the tape.  Tape the two edges – pull tape across the edge leaving a couple inches on either side, cut the tape. Fold the ends down on the side, fold it over, fold the long part over and stick it to the side.  Like when you gift wrap something with wrapping paper.  The way my photos work is first click on a photo – it will open a window that has just the photo.  Then click on the photo in that window and it will enlarge.

Tape a box

fold in box tabs

tape gun

Get tape gun

stick tape to side

stick tape to side and pull over seam

pull tape over seam and over side

Pull tape across the seam and over the side

tape edges

Tape the edges

Taping edge2

half width of tape on bottom

fold in the ends and sides

fold in and stick the ends and sides

end edge tape

Edges and center seam taped

Shipping Label for the Dymo Printer

You will need 99019 shipping labels for the Dymo label printer. The Dymo labels are too expensive. I get mine from XYTEK – the have a web site – ZYTEK Web Site bookmark the site – there is some important information about the labels here there is more on his site about things that can happen with Pay Pal shipping.  However if you are buying labels – go to his eBay site – his prices are better on eBay.  I pay less for four rolls of 99019 labels from ZYTEK than one Dymo roll of the same label.

XYTEK eBay Store

If you use USPS Click n Ship you will need some Avery 5126 labels – these are expensive – you use one sheet per shipment.  I only use Click n Ship for international orders – it does the 4 copies of the customs form and shipping label.  Use Pay Pal multi order shipping and the XYTEK 99019 labels and you will save enough money to pay for your label printer. 😯 – Something to know is the 5126 label is for laser printers – (there is another number same size and style for ink jet printers)

Shipping – here is a must have – Tape Gun

A must have for shipping is a tape gun – I cannot tell from this photo is this is any good. You do not need a really expensive tape gun – you do need one that allows you to adjust the roll tension. I get mine from Sams Club – they are 3M and come with a couple of rolls of tape and cost around $20

This one has the right description – brake and retractable blade

Get your shipping tape from Staples – double length Packaging tape – 6 rolls per package – Staples number is 380107. This tape is much cheaper than 3M and it works fine.

A must have is a good shipping scale

Another must have tool for shipping is a good scale. Your scale must be accurate, when you put in a shipping weight and generate a shipping label, you have to be exact. Remember an ounce can make a big difference in the cost of shipping. My day to day scale is made by Royal. It is digital, it has a wireless display. It can run either plugged in or on batteries. For really heavy items you can unplug the scale and slip it under the box and read the weight on the remote wireless display. It actually measure light objects under a pound and goes up to 315 pounds and will do everything in between. It is not good for anything less than 1/2 a pound

It is also really handy to have a scale that can accurately do very light items. I have a Dymo scale for this however one of these will work just fine. If you never ship items that weigh more than 5 lbs one of these is all you will be all you need. This type of scale is used for things weighing less than an once up to 5 lbs.

The one above can connect to a computer and you can down load postal rates so it will give you shipping cost directly. The one I have is below – it too can show me the shipping cost but since I am on line anyway when shipping I rarely use that feature. It is handy when I send a letter that requires more than one stamp. (Pelouze is a brand made by Dymo)

Shipping Resources – Start with a good label printer

One of the very best investments you can make is a good label printer. The Dymo line is perhaps the best choice. There is no ink – these are thermal – they are fast and the printed label is clear and sharp. I have a Dymo Dual Turbo which has printed around 10,000 labels, I did have one fail, they sent me a new one. The Dual is overkill for me I almost never use the second side. Here are a couple. The 460 is a good choice the Turbo is basically the same only faster which will not matter until you get to doing large numbers of labels.

This is really a super deluxe package – a Dymo Dual turbo and a Dymo 5lb scale – I have this combo – the scale connects to your computer so you can upgrade the postage costs. It give you the weight on its own screen and can give you postage. Probably overkill all the way around. A single Dymo will work just fine and there are some good electronic scales available for under $30. All you will really need is the shipping weight when you use Click and Ship or Pay Pal multi order shipping.

Discover cPanel

If you have your own web site or blog site or considering setting up you site, here is a set of tutorials that can really help you understand and use cPanel – the control panel where you host your site.  I used this when I was first setting up my first web site and still refer back to it when I need to change something or add to something.  To me this is a “Must Have” series that I continue to use over and over.

Here is a video that will help you understand why this training is important:

Press Play To Take
Control Of Your Websites

Click Here To Claim Your Free Video

Internet Hosting – I use Blue Host!!!

The very first step to having your own web site or blog site is to get a domain name.  The next step is to have a place to put your web site or blog site.  That is called an Internet Host.

There are lots and lots of Internet Hosting sites – I use Blue Host for all of my sites for some very simple reasons, first they are rarely down – if your host site goes down your web site is gone until they fix it.   Next if you have a question or problem the people at Blue Host actually answer the phone and will talk to you and help you through whatever problem you may have.  There is rarely much of a wait time.  The people at Blue Host also have a live chat where you can get things solved.

You can get a free domain name AND Blue Host will get you additional domain names for only $10 a year.   There are less expensive places to get domain names however with Blue Host you can get additional domain names and have them on your host site from one place.  To me is is worth the extra $2-$3 I could save per domain name per year to just have them in one place, and not worry about renewing – Blue Host takes care of this.

Blue Host is truly affordable, they offer simply great service at a very reasonable price.  Their C Panel works and they have tutorials.  Email just plain works.  I send and receive hundreds of emails a week from my customers and Blue Host gets my emails through.

Email management – AWeber is the best way!!

AWeber is the very best way to create and manage email lists.   Interested people sign up on a custom made sign up on your web site or blog site.

Internet Marketing?? Here is a place where you can get lots of great Information

Bob Jenkins aka Bob the Teacher has a lot of  excellent information on how to actually do internet marking.  This will take you to his library where access is available for everything Bob has been teaching over the past several year.  Bob is able to teach and show you how to do things in a way that is easy to understand. Access to the IMSuccess Library and to Bob the Teacher is highly recommended.


Word Press?? Here are a couple of books I use

There are a number of Word Press Books – Here are a couple that I use. If you just want to do a simple blog you can probably do a lot with these books. If you want to really learn how to use Word Press take Christina Hills class.