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How am I getting these blog post to more than one site?

Normally with WordPress you log into your dashboard and click on Posts Add New to add post to the blog part of your site. Remember that with WordPress you can have posts and or pages. These are Posts – you put posts into categories so later on when you set up your navigation people viewing your site can click on a category to follow a topic.

I use a free tool called Blog Desk to post – I can put the same item on different sites and in different categories on those sites. I will be showing you how to use this and other tools on the Small Business Guides site later on.

Here is why you NEED to be able to totally control your web site

My new website on Small Business Guides is certainly not ready for public viewing. I am still playing in the “Sandbox” working on the look and feel and learning the Builder theme. However I do have several articles that have come up and will be a part of the new site.

If this were a traditional website – getting these articles up would not even be considered – I would have to contact my webmaster and get them to put these up.

The absolute beauty of WordPress and doing you own site is you can put up articles and information NOW on the new site. No matter what you do with the appearance and function of the new site – the articles will be there, they are available.

I have linked up with some truly amazing people over the past year, one of which is Bob Jenkins aka Bob the Teacher. I will be talking more about what I have learned from Bob later. For now one of the things Bob teaches is TARL – Take Action Revise Later. He even has a great book out there about this concept.

The basic concept of TARL is to get the material and content out there, one can make it look better, or revise it later. If you wait to get content, information or material out there until your site looks great or until the content is perfect it will never get out there, you will not have communicated your information. You can always change it, fix it, make it look better later.

So even though the site is seriously under construction I am doing TARL and starting to put articles on the new site. Remember that one of the ways I write is if you see something that is a different color and underlined it is a link that will take you to the place I am writing about. Just click the links for more detail or to see what I am talking about.

Builder – Page Layout and Style

This is what the Builder and Astro Style looked like “out of the box”


What Builder lets me do is design a layout and to create a style- I can make every page the same or I can make every page different or any combination.

A really important note – this is all done in menus – I am not messing with the code – I am not a programmer – what I like to see in Premium Word Press themes is the ability to change things and never have to look at or mess with the code.

What I have done is designed a page – I put in an image – put areas on the left and right of the image that I can add things, I added a navigation bar, put in a place for content – added a right side bar – a widget area below and a footer.

Next I played with the style creator and changed some of the colors and so now this is what I have


So here we go – I am “playing” in my Sandbox

the very first thing to know about DIY web sites is you need a place to put your site. This is called Web Hosting. I use Blue Host and on the Resource page is a link to Blue Host.

You also need to have a domain name. In this case I am using a domain name in my name. If you go to you will not find anything – I do not have a site there. I do have some information on the Geezer n Geek site about domain names. For now all you need to know is a domain name is an address that the internet can find. You can get domain names from Blue Host – you have to renew your domain names every year and a good practice is to set up you domains so that they automatically renew. Blue host charges $10 for a new domain name and the renewal is $10 a year.

If your domain name is costing more than $10-$12 a year or less you are getting ripped off!!! There are lots of places that will charge you a lot more. Do not use these places.

So in the case of the Sandbox it is an add on to my domain – I pay $10 a year for the domain. I have two add ons at the moment to that domain. is a community site and the new one are addons, they are separate site, Blue Host does not charge extra for doing this and I pay only for the one domain.

The same thing is true for the Small business guides are an add on at which is this site and is the add on that I am working on.

Remember if you are following this just go to where I am working and be sure to refresh your screen to see the changes. Right now as I learn Builder I will be working in the Sandbox so bring it up and hit the refresh and you will if I am making any progress.

What I have done so far is put Word Press on my domain, uploaded the Builder Theme and a Child theme to make it look like it does.

Next I will be using Builder to set up some pages and layouts.

Small Business Guides

A few months ago I started with the Geezer n Geek site with the idea that there a lot of people out there that just do not know much about how to use their computer – while the site is really a TARL (Take Action Revise Later) site there is at least some material there – the tabs work to take you to various places. The Resource Page and the computer and internet tips tabs work – the menu tabs below the header (the thing that changes colors) work and there is some information there.

The idea of putting together some small business guides is a place where I will be sharing a lot of things, information, how to do things, places to go to learn things.

There a lot of things about the internet and about how to sell your products or services on line that as a small business person you probably do not know. I will be first putting the site together and then adding various guides to help you be visible on the internet.

My main focus is doing things yourself. In this modern age using a web master just does not work. If your web site is managed by a webmaster you are not in a position to make changes your self. You have to contact your web master, explain what you want changed, they make the changes, you approve or not the changes, you suggest more changes, and on and on – you webmaster charges you for the changes, even changing a word or a price or adding a sale or new product. This just plain is totally inefficient.

I am not a webmaster – I actually attempted to learn to use Front Page and Dream Weaver and found they are far beyond what I can do. I actually do have a site run be a webmaster. The content is stale, needs changed and updated and because I cannot do it myself just does not get done.

I learned how to put up a Word Press blog and since I have been learning a whole lot about working with Word Press. This is a Word Press blog site. I can do everything myself, that means if I want to change, add to, modify my site I can do it and it only takes a few minutes.

The small business guides on the new site are all about doing things yourself. I will not be teaching you much on how to use Word Press – I will recommend a couple of places for you to learn. What I will be doing are guides to doing things on the internet related to your small business.

You can put up your own site, or add to your present site, you are in control so if you want to add or modify a product or service you can do that.

The small business guides will consist of things that can help you move your business so that you are visible on line.

One of the main things to think about is being visible on mobile site. No one uses the Yellow Pages for anything other than door stops these days. They use their mobile device to find local businesses and to get local business information.

If you are not visible to mobile phone users they will not find you. Part of what I will be doing is helping local businesses become visible on mobile devices.

This entire site for example is optimized to be seen on your mobile device – if you come here from your computer it will have one look, if you come here from your phone it will have another look –

As we move into this new era we all need to focus on being visible from mobile devices. I will be helping you learn how to do that.

Need help? Have things you want to learn? Email me or comment here.

One of things I will be doing is webinars – where I go over how to do things. I also will be doing some one on one webinars. Let me know what you need and want to learn.

Something to know about the “new” internet actually called Web 2.0 is when you see something in a different color click on it – these are links that take you to other pages or sites – the “different color” a few word back take you to my “Sandbox” where I am learning and playing with various site building tools.

iThemes Builder

Prior to the webinar, I was beginning to learn to use iThemes – Builder. I did not have the time to get back to it until today.

First problem, it is Sunday, I am at home, the computer I was using is at the store. I had been going over a tutorial on internet security where they recommended you use something other than “admin” to log into a Word Press site. So on the new Small Business Guides site – I set it up with something different, this setup happens when you set up a new Word Press site and the login user name is something that cannot be changed.

Problem was I could not remember what I had put in for a user name, that information is at the store, rather than go to the store today to get my new site login information I decided to put up another new Word Press site – someplace where I can just play around with things, see what works and what it looks like and so on. It is actually a lot faster to put up a new site, add a theme, so the basic site set up and so on than it is to drive a few miles to get the login and pass word information. The new site is and you are welcome to come over there and see what type of stuff I am learning, playing around with or experimenting with.

Right after I put up the new site I got an email from my host with the new sites log in information. And then I remembered that I would have gotten a similar email when I set up the Small Business Guides site – so I now have the login information for there too.

I will be trying things on the sandbox site and then doing the same thing on the real site.

Something to know is when you start doing lots of different things on line you really need to have something that remembers logins and passwords for your sites – I use Robo Form – which is synched to my office computers, and one laptop – that means if I change login info or get new login information or a new password it comes up on my other computers. Why did it not work for the Small Business Guide site I am not certain – it does now. Robo Form is a really great way to keep track of logins, passwords and other things that can be set up to be shared on several computers. Change it here and it updates there.

Web Sites for Small Business

I am working on a new page that has information about websites for small business.  On this page I talk about the types of web sites and pages, why you need a web site, how to learn to do your own web sites and have links to some of my favorite tools, people, tutorials and more.

The page is on the Geezer n Geek Site (and yes clicking will take your there)

Internet Hosting – I use Blue Host!!!

The very first step to having your own web site or blog site is to get a domain name.  The next step is to have a place to put your web site or blog site.  That is called an Internet Host.

There are lots and lots of Internet Hosting sites – I use Blue Host for all of my sites for some very simple reasons, first they are rarely down – if your host site goes down your web site is gone until they fix it.   Next if you have a question or problem the people at Blue Host actually answer the phone and will talk to you and help you through whatever problem you may have.  There is rarely much of a wait time.  The people at Blue Host also have a live chat where you can get things solved.

You can get a free domain name AND Blue Host will get you additional domain names for only $10 a year.   There are less expensive places to get domain names however with Blue Host you can get additional domain names and have them on your host site from one place.  To me is is worth the extra $2-$3 I could save per domain name per year to just have them in one place, and not worry about renewing – Blue Host takes care of this.

Blue Host is truly affordable, they offer simply great service at a very reasonable price.  Their C Panel works and they have tutorials.  Email just plain works.  I send and receive hundreds of emails a week from my customers and Blue Host gets my emails through.

Email management – AWeber is the best way!!

AWeber is the very best way to create and manage email lists.   Interested people sign up on a custom made sign up on your web site or blog site.

Internet marketing

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