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Learn the Basics of WordPress-make WordPress Work for you

Today is the start of a series of webinars about WordPress done by Web Design dot com.  This multi day series of webinars covers WordPress in a way to make it useable and understandable.

The series is free and replays will be available for those who sign up.  Here is the link.  Sign up for each session – even if you cannot attend the session you will be able to go back and replay each session.   Learn About WordPress

This series is highly recommended for anyone who uses WordPress, is thinking about changing their website to WordPress or is considering doing a website or adding a web site.

Back to working on the Geezer n Geek Small business guides site

While I am still doing some testing and experimenting with the SANDBOX just to see how things work with iThemes Builder – I am now starting to put together the actual SMALL BUSINESS GUIDE site. The first page has no navigation so I added a form which will take you inside the site.

iThemes Builder – Home Page

The first thing I want is a home or welcome page – it has an image – a couple of widgets on the sides of the image. A place for content – So that is what I built with the Layout editor. This page will have no navigation – just an opt in box – at least for now. This is a SQUEEZE PAGE

Finally an hour or so to Learn more about iThemes Builder

It has been awhile, I had hoped to get some of the initial learning done in the SandBox and then move on to starting to create the actual site where I will have the small business guides available.

The main thing to know is you can build you own website with WordPress and by using themes, plugins and widgets you can make you site look and act exactly how you want it to look and act. You do not need a webmaster to do this. As I experiment in the Sandbox, I am learning the Theme and starting to have some idea of what the Small Business Guide site will look like. At the moment it is really primitive – I have not done much with the actual site yet.

Are You Paying for Yellow Pages Advertising? Why??

In the “old” days (actually 4-5 years ago) every business both small and large had at least one Yellow Page ad in their local phone directory. The reason of course was this was how people could find your and or your business.

The reality is the way people find your business has changed dramatically and is continuing to change. People just are not using the local Yellow Pages, instead they are using their computers and Google to locate and learn about local businesses. What that means is it has become far more important to have a web site than it is to have a Yellow Pages listing in the phone book.

Perhaps the most dramatic change is people are using their cell phones to find businesses. The number of people that have and use cell phones is growing every day and more importantly the number of people that have “smart” cell phones increases daily. The “smart” cell phones have internet access. The way people are finding local businesses is with their mobile phone. These phones not only can find local businesses they can give you a map that will take you directly to the business or they can call your business directly.

What this change means to business owners is you not only need to have a web site about your business, you also need to have the website optimized so that your information will be readable on mobile phones.

Web sites are something else that is changing. The “traditional” web site used to be done by a Web Master. It used to be that to make any change such as a price change, or put something on sale, or even changing the wording or a photo meant you had to contact your webmaster, explain what you want to change, review the changes and have them make the changes. The web master bills you for their time. This often is very slow and cumbersome and so the end result is that your traditional business web site is totally static. The information is probably out of date. It just takes too long to make simple changes.

A far better way to deal with your business website is to do it yourself. If you are doing your own website you can make any changes yourself and have them up and available instantly. Can you do your own web site? Probably not if you are using traditional websites and website software. That is why you are using a webmaster – the traditional web site requires knowing how to use some very complicated software. The reality is you actually can do your own website. The way to do this is with WordPress, a theme, some plugins and widgets and spending some time to learn how to do this. This site is a Word Press site.

There are some other guides here on how to do this and there will be more. The point of this article is to take a look at your Yellow Page advertising. Is this serving you at all? Perhaps it is time to evaluate your Yellow page ads.

It is also time to take a close look at your internet presence. Google your business type and town or city, do you show up on Google, what information is showing up. The next step is to see if your mobile phone can find your business. Are you showing up on mobile programs such as Google Places, Yelp, Around Me or Where?

The thing to be aware of is when people leave their house they always take three things with them. Their keys, their purse or billfold and their mobile phone. More than half of the mobile phones are smart phones and this number is increasing every day. More and more people are using their mobile phones to locate businesses or services and so business owners need to know if their business is visible on these devices.

Verizon just announced that the iPhone will be available for Verizon customers. This means there will be a lot more iPhones out there. Android and Blackberry and a lot more “smart” phones are also being sold by the hundreds. The number of people using these devices is increasing at a major rate and the people using the phone book to find your business is decreasing.

A lot of us when traveling used to stop at a payphone and look up businesses in the phone book at the payphone. When was the last time you even saw a pay phone?? How about a pay phone that actually had a phone directory? Another was to stop at a business and ask to see their Phone book – when was the last time anyone came into your business and asked to see your Yellow Pages? When you stay at a hotel or motel do you look at the local Yellow Pages?

Those with smart phones simply do not do that anymore at all. How many people actually have a road map when they travel?? I just got back from a drive across several states. I forgot to bring an important part for my laptop and so needed to get a replacement. All I did was go to “Around Me” on my iPhone – enter “computer store” and I had several choices nearby. Click on “take me there” and I get a map. I knew what exit to get off the interstate and where exactly the store was and how to get there.

I use my phone to find everything – restaurants, hotels, fuel, stores when traveling. Lots of other people are doing the same thing and that number is growing everyday.

I will be doing a number of guides on some of these advances and how to use them. Also while I am not a webmaster and have no desire at all to become one, I can help you set up a Word Press site, and get you started to where you can do your own web site. I can also help you set up and optimize the mobile sites so that your business will be visible to smart phone users.

iThemes-Builder Reverse Page

This layout is reversed – the footer is on top – the header on the bottom. JUST BECAUSE I CAN

iThemes Builder-Images-Menus

iThemes Builder allows all sort of custom images and the ability to use WP 3.0 menus – page five is menus – some with pages, some with posts and some with both. Note some navigation is not working – just experimenting.

iThemes Builder – break though – Rotating Image at top

This really kool – You can get a rotating images at the top – like in Flex – instead of putting an image there – I put in an HTML box – put in the shortcode from the rotating images plug in and added two sidebars. ROTATING IMAGE AT TOP Plus I think I am beginning to understand how to set up the menu, and pages

iThemes Builder – working on the top and learning Layout Tool

I have been working on the top image and sidebars of iThemes Builder. Tried several cropped photos for the image and did not like them. So I made my own (how?? Power Point ) Everything is still being done in the SANDBOX – Also I added a weather feed and twitter feed.

iThemes – Builder – I now have some layouts and navigation

The Sandbox – the iThemes Builder site where I am leaning how this works has some changes. I have added some layouts, put navigation on, added some categories, put in some images. It is called SANDBOX. Builder is beginning to allow me as I learn to do some very interesting things.