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New Apple Nono, Shuffle, iPod Touch and iTV


Here is the new iPod Touch – click the picture to learn more


Here is the the new Apple iPod Nano – click the picture to learn more


Here is the new Apple iPod Shuffle – click the picture to learn more


And the new iTV – click the picture to learn more


The Apple Music event is over – New Nono, New Shuffle, New iPod Touch, New iTurns and New Apple TV

The first new thing from Apple that they really did not talk about is for the very first time the streamed the event live! Normally one would go to the Apple bloggers and watch the blogs as an Apple event was going on. We then would play the video later, often days later before one could get access to the video. Apple actually streamed the event live. You could only watch on a MAC or Apple mobile device. The stream on my MAC was very very good. There were a few places where the video glitched for a few seconds. The audio never missed a beat. The stream on my iPhone 3GS sort of started to work on the 3G network but the video failed and it went to audio only. I switch to WiFi and for awhile the live stream ran very well on my iPhone – the iPhone was getting the same video glitches as the MAC – interestingly the iPhone WiFi stream was running about 15 seconds ahead of the MAC stream. The iPhone stream did fail for me and it appeared to start the event over from the beginning. Why does this matter? There is no way of knowing how many people were watching the live stream on the MACs and or Apple mobile devices – maybe at some point Apple will say how many devices were on the live stream. The number was probably 100s of thousands maybe a million maybe more. Point is that is a major server load – certainly far beyond anything Apple has ever done before. Obviously Apple was able to test their new sever facility in North Carolina and as an observer it looked like it went well. This mean really large events can be streamed live to very large groups of people. It also appear that the new Apple TV very well may be taking advantage of some sort of new streaming technology -. So what is new at Apple? There is a new Shuffle – the control wheel and buttons are back and the voice control is still there – it now has play lists – no display however it has voice to tell you what is playing, artist and so on. Next is a brand new Nano with a touch screen – plus the voice control is there – the Nano will show playlists, artists, albums and cover art, it also has a built in FM radio. $149 for the 8G model or $179 for the 16G model. Play time for the Shuffle is is up to 15 hours and for the Nano is up to 24 hours. Both the new Nano and the new Shuffle are really tiny – they have clips that can be "worn" – both require connecting to a computer and iTunes to get music on them. Next is a brand new iPod Touch – and YES!!! it now has both a front facing camera and a rear facing camera – looks like the same physical design as past iPod touch’s. Still has WiFi so you can get to iTunes anywhere that there is WiFi available. The touch play video as well as audio. The Retina display introduced on the iPhone 4 is now on the iPod Touch. Face time and gaming and of course Apps. $229 for 8G — $299 for 32G and $399 for 64G. The Classic iPhone has not been changed – 16G for $249 video and audio playback. The Touch and the Classic run 36 hours of audio or 6 hours of video. (the Touch actually a bit longer) The next new thing at Apple is iTunes 10. The biggest change there is what Apple is calling Ping – it is a new social network for and about music, you can follow artists, your friends, you can receive and send posts, talk about and show your favorite music, and you can use Ping on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. This could turn out to be a very powerful new social network somewhere between Twitter and FaceBook. There will be a new iSO update for the iPhone and iPod touch where some more features have been added and of course some problems have been fixed. There will be a new iPad iSO update in November where the really "neat" things that iSO added to the iPhone and iPod Touch will soon be available on the iPad. The last new thing is a totally new iTV – TV shows, and movies for rent no more purchasing media. The new iTV will work with You Tube and Netflex, and you can play media from your computer. The dropped the price to $99. So that is the news that Apple presented today.

Be sure to run over to APPLE to take a look.  The video of the presentation should be up later on for those of you that use PCs or were not able to watch it live.

New Apple Store in Lexington!!’

New Apple store opens Saturday in Lexington KY!!’

From my iPhone

Hard Drive with iTunes Failed – the one the sychs with an iPod – So you get a new computer – BE CAREFUL!!!!

A clients laptop hard drive failed and nothing on that drive could be recovered. The client got a new laptop. The laptop that failed was the one this client used to synch to her iPod touch.

The first thing to know is NEVER synch an iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad to a different computer unless you know exactly how iTunes works.

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Iphone 3GS with iOS4 – Important info

I learned something really important about the new iSO4 upgrade on an iPhone 3GS.  My phone began running totally out of battery in 6 hours or so.  I reset it and recharged it and it did it again.  When I looked at the Usage – Settings – General – Usage I was seeing in the Time since last full charge area — Usage 5 hours – Standby 5 hours.  The phone was in 100% use until it killed the battery.

Here is what 3GS users need to know.  The iOS4 software does not work like we are all used to.  With the older 3 series OS when you push the home key it closes the App and goes back to the Apps screen.  What is different with iOS4 is this – when you use the Home key the screen looks the same – you go back to the Apps page(s) however what is really going is is the program is not stopped it is still running – you can see what is running by clicking the Home button twice – the App “lifts” up and you will see a window with Apps that you can scroll.  You click on the App in this window and it opens – Apple calls this multitasking – it is really task switching and is fine for most Apps.

So what was killing my battery on my 3GS phone???  Apparently some programs do not go to a suspended mode but rather keep running – programs that use the GPS are the ones to watch out for.  The new OS will tell you what is using GPS or location finding with a little purple check mark on the upper left beside the battery indicator.  That little purple check mark is important!!!  When you want to quit a program that has this purple check mark you will need to double click on the Home button and touch and hold the application icon until it “shakes” and then click on the minus sign.  This will stop the program.  It appears some programs will keep the GPS turned on when and continue to upgrade your location if you just press the Home button.  With the GPS turned on you battery will discharge very quickly – you phone will totally die in a few hours rather than run all day.  Turning the phone off and then back on will not change the status of these programs.

I am not certain which programs were killing my batteries but some that turn on the GPS are Maps, Trapster, Where, Around Me, pUniverse,  and others.

What I have learned is Apps that have the blue check mark up by the battery indicator need to be shut off from the Task Switching window – once turned off the will go away from the Task Switching window. 

So if all of a sudden your battery life is cut drastically down go to the multitasking window and see what is running.  Kill by holding down the icon until it “shakes” and then tap on the minus sign.

When you do this you battery life will go back to normal.

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The Apple iPad launch is Today – and the iPad 3G is coming soon

The latest electronic gadget launch is today. The Apple iPad will be available in the Apple stores today and that means lines of people will be waiting to get inside to get one. You may be in one of those lines right now reading this.

The iPad is a lot more than a new product from Apple. The iPad is different from anything else out there right now. The iPad is a completely different class of computer. It is not a smart phone like the iPhone, in fact it is not a phone at all. It is really an oversized iPod Touch at least in the way it is being introduced today. The iPad is an internet friendly device where one can surf the web, send and receive emails, down load music, books, video, pod casts and a lot more. It runs most of the apps available for the iPhone and iPad touch. This means it can be used for games, entertainment, learning and on and on just like the iPhone or iPod touch. The thing to know is this model of the iPad must be some place where WiFi is available to actually connect to the internet.

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