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Learn to Use Your Computer – Digital Photos – XP

In this series I will show you how to get your photos from your digital camera stored onto you computer.  Most Digital Cameras come with software on a disc that will copy of move photos from a digital camera unto a computer.  Most of the time these programs are pretty much automatic and usually come with instructions.  A quick tip here.   Many manufacturers have stopped printing out instruction sheets and putting the instruction manuals on the CD that is enclosed with the device – in this case digital cameras.  Look on the disc that is enclosed with the camera to see if there are instructions.  These files are normally in PDF format.  They file name will end with dot pdf and they will have an image that looks like this:

PDF File

Double click on the PDF and it will open the document.  If your computer does not have Adobe reader you will get a message to download it.

In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to get photos from your digital camera unto your computer without using the software that comes with your camera.

Included with your camera there should be a USB cable.  Plug the cable into your camera and then into your computer.  If your camera did not come with a USB cable or you lost or misplaced the cable you will need to get one.  These are very easy to find.  Almost every “Office supply store, computer store, or big box store (when I say Big Box Store what I mean  Wallie World – I rarely use store names.  The cable will look like this for most cameras:

USB calbe

Connect you digital camera to your computer

Plug the USB cable first into the device and then plug it into your computer.  With most digital cameras there will be a switch that lets you take pictures or view pictures.  Turn this switch so you can view pictures and turn the camera on.   Windows should recognize that a new device has been connected.  The shows up in the lower right where the clock is.  Different cameras and different computers do different things.  Your computer may open several windows when you connect a camera.  On of the most common with Widows XP is this one:

Camera Connected

Windows XP Camera connected

Cancel all windows that come up when you connect your camera to your  computer.  In this tutorial we will not be using any of these.

Go to My computer it may be on you desktop – (the first screen that opens after you computer boots)  The My Computer Icon look like this

My Computer Icon

My Computer Icon

If you do not have this on your Desktop then Click on Start and Click on my Computer – it looks like this:

My Computer from Start

Start – My Computer

Click on the My Computer Button – My Computer can open up in a number of ways – what is important is the menu on the left (in the red box) – Click on My Documents and it will look like this you will probably not have as many files as I do.

My Computer My Documents

My Computer My Documents

Find and Double Click on My Pictures

MyComputer My Docs My Pictures

My Computer – My Documents – My Pictures

After you click on My Pictures you will see the folders that contain pictures on your computer.  If you computer is new you may have just “Sample Pictures” here, you could have other files here.  Step One is set the files so you can “see” the pictures – they should look like mine below – Click on the Views Icon – with XP if you “hoover” over an icon it will show you what it is.  Click on this and a drop down menu will appear and choose Thumbnails.  Your folder s will look like mine and will show little pictures of what is in the folder.

When you put photos on you computer from your camera – it is a really good idea to make a new folder for each new event.  Two things you DO NOT want to do when it comes to moving photos from you camera to your computer is 1. do not put you photos or your photos in side of folder on your Desktop.  This cause your desktop be become a big mess and can cause you to loose your photos or not back them up.  Always put new things into your My Documents – in side of a category in this case My Pictures – and make a new folder to put things in.  You may want to create sub folders like in My Pictures – have a “Vacations” folder, a “Family” folder, a “Work” folder and so on.  Open those sub folders and create a new folder for what ever your series of photos are.

The MOST important thing to learn to do it to store things on your computer in a way that you can find them again.  Organizing files and folders is also very helpful when it comes to sharing photos and really important when it comes to making backups of your computer files.

Step Two – Click on the Make new folder file

Make a New folder

Make a New Folder

You will see a new folder has been created – it will say “New Folder” – rename the folder – you can do this by either clicking on where it says “New Folder” or on the left where it says Rename Folder.

Take a close look at the box at the top that says Address (numbered 1) – this box is very important to understand both for saving anything and also on your web browser will be a similar looking box.  This tells you where your are at.

In this case – it says  C:\Documents and Settings\Ronald Headley\My Documents\My Pictures  – What this is saying is you are on drive C:  – on most PC computers Drive C will be you main Hard drive.  You are in you Documents and Setting – next will be you User – This will usually have your user name – Next you are a File titled My Documents and You are in a sub file titled My Pictures.  In side that file you will have the folders that contain your pictures.  One will say “New Folder” – this will be the new folder you just created.  When you rename it that name will change.  I will name this folder Vacations and then add some more new folders – Vacation 2010 – Vacation – 2011 – Vacation 2012.

After you rename your new folder – double click on it and add new Sub folders and Rename them into something that make sense to you.

New Folder Rename

Make a New Folder and re name it

What I have done so far is opened the My Photos Folder – Created a new folder titled Vacations and created three sub folders titled Vacation 2010 – Vacation 2011 and Vacation 2012.  Here is what it looks like

First at the top (1) is the name of the folder (Vacations)

Next in the Address window it says C:\Documents and Settings\Ronald Headley\My Documents\My Pictures\Vacations

Which means – you are on Drive C – in the Documents and Settings Folder – Under Your User name.  You are in My Documents in a folder named My Pictures which has a sub folder named Vacations.

There are three folders inside of the Vacations folder – Vacation 2010, Vacation 2011, Vacation 2012.

Folders and subfolders

Folders and Sub-folders

You are now set up with a place on your computer to put the new photos that are on your camera.  Lets say you just got back from you 2012 vacation.  Double click on the Vacation 2012 Folder – it will open and will be blank – you do not have anything there yet.

Look at the top (1) that is the folder name that you have open – look at the address – you are now inside the Vacation 2012 folder –

Look at the Address Window – C:\Documents and Settings\Ronald Headley\My Documents\My Pictures\Vacations\Vacation 2012

You are inside the Vacation 2012 folder, which is in the Vacations folder, which is under My Pictures.  There is nothing in the folder – this is where you will be putting the new pictures that are now on your camera that is connected to your computer.

vacation 2012

Vacation 2012 Sub folder

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