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Geezer n Geek – “You can do This, we can help”

In the free computer tips I will be mentioning some tools and software that I use a lot on my computers. Some of the tools and software are free and some are things you can buy. In the how to use your computer class I will be showing you how to get some of these tools and software onto you computer and how to use it.

In the class and webinars I will be showing you some free tools and how they work and will also show some tools you pay for and how they work. The goal is to show you a free way of getting something done and a paid way of getting things done. There will a lot of free information and tips on the site. There will also be a “membership” area where you will have available much more detail and on screen tutorials on how to do things. The membership area will have a monthly fee.

I will also soon have a course on how to use your computer available soon. This course will be available for purchase soon.

If you want to begin to learn how to use your computer and or learn a lot about the Internet there will soon be a pace on the Geezer n Geek site where you can sign up for free tips and information.

What does the new Geezer n Geek site have to do with windmills and weathervanes?

I have been working on a new site Geezer n Geek It is pretty “rough” right now – however I do want to invite you to “take a look” as I put the site together.

What does this new site have to do with windmills and weather vanes? I get phone calls quite often from people who want a windmill or weathervane but do not know how to buy things on line or use their computer. I also get people coming into the store and also emailing me that they just do not know much about how to use their computer or how to connect and use things like their digital camera, video camera, iPod or other music playing device, iPhone and other smart phones and so on.

I have been asking my windmill customers if they would like to learn how to use their computer better, I have been asking people who come into the store the same thing – I keep hearing some of the same things. “computer illiterate” is something I hear a lot. So I am putting the Geezer n Geek site together to offer a place to learn about computers and some of the “new” technology.

I also get emails and have people asking me how to do things like get on Facebook, or put their photos in an email or on Facebook.

It just seems that a number of people are really struggling when it comes to computers, the Internet, application software, electronic gadgets and on and on. So I am putting together several things that will help people become a lot more comfortable with the technology and electronic gadgets and do that in a way that is in plain English rather than “tech or geek” speak.

As you watch me put the site together you will see I am really just learning how to do this type of site. Even though I have a couple of sales sites and a couple of blog sites already I am learning and experiment with this site. I will be posting more on this site as I make it work. I will be recommending a number of tools, classes, instruction that I find useful in learning.

Geezer n Geek will have a number of tips, ideas, tutorials, simple instructions and live webinars to help people learn to use their computers and or learn how to do more with their computers.

It appears that a lot of people my age (baby boomer) and older have gotten computers and can do some basic web searches, send email and maybe have gotten on Facebook but just do not know much about how to actually use their computer.

What Geezer n Geek is about is a place where people can learn to use their computer, and how to do things with their computer like bring digital photos from their phone or camera on to their computer.

There will be a number of free tips and tutorials and there will also be some courses and webinars designed to help people get much more comfortable with technology. You can overcome being “computer literate” and we can help.

Watch as I build up the site. There will be places where you can sign up to receive simple computer tips and tutorials and if you sign up you will be not only kept in the loop you will be able to tell me what you would like to learn to do with your computer. A lot of the upcoming classes will be based on what you want to learn how to do, or what is giving you problems with using and understanding your computer.

Internet Marketing made SIMPLE by Bob the Teacher – Live training weekend

Have you looked at Internet Marketing – and find it is really difficult to figure out what you need to know or who you want to learn from?

I went to SIMPLE by Bob Jenkins – aka Bob the Teacher last spring. This was absolutely the BEST training seminar on Internet marketing that I have ever attended!!! Bob teaches at a level that is easy to follow and understand. He will show you how to be successful at Internet Marketing. Bob is one the very best IM teachers (trainer) that there is.

The people that attend Bob’s training are very helpful so there is the class room training and there is the other people you will meet to make this weekend training well worth going to.

I really cannot say enough about this – I signed up within 5 minutes of getting the email that registration had opened. I learned more at SIMPLE last spring in a weekend than I had in years of attempting to learn how to do this. I continue to learn and be totally amazed by the things the others that were there are doing and from ongoing training by Bob the Teacher.

This LINK is important – click it and at least take a look.

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