rheadleyline-BeckHi my name is Ron and since I am from the Baby Boomer generation, it would appear that I am now a Geezer. It does not seem so long ago that I was a long haired hippy geek, oh well I guess time happens.

I have been using computers and electronic gadgets for a long time. It has not been something that I have given a lot of thought to. I get a new gadget or a new computer or upgrade an operating system, upgrade or get new software and just sort of figure out how to make it work for me. I read the manual and then “play” around with the device and or software and just sort of figure it out. That is not to say I always do that intuitively. I have acquired a rather large collection of Technical Manuals and “For Dummies” books over the years. When I really get stuck I find that Pizza and Soda are good enticements to get the 20 something geeks to drop over and show me how to do something.

I always sort of figured that if I “got it” when it comes to computers and electronics by reading books and the manuals that everyone else also “got it” . Over the years I have had a number of people ask me how to do things with their computers or how to use their gadgets. I have never been one to be really into the hardware or deeply into the software, I have just learned to use devices, gadgets and computers and software to do the things I want or need them to do. I guess I am more of a “techie” than a geek.

I have come to realize that lots of people may age (or older) as well as people a lot younger than me do not know how to use their computers very well at all. They are able to find things on the web and send and receive email and maybe write a letter in Works and print it out. I keep running into people that claim to be “computer illiterate” or people whose entire computer experience is AOL.

Computers and electronic gadgets to me are just things that one figures out how they work and one learns to use. It simply takes learning how to do things and then practicing. Certainly I forget how I did something and have to re look stuff up or re figure out how something works. Often when it gets really technical I find a 20 something geek to show or tell me what I need to do or what I am not doing correctly.

The object of this entire site is to help people become comfortable and skilled enough to actually use their computers, gadgets and software to get things that they want to done. I do use some “geek speak” – it is pretty hard not to. I have found that the quickest way for me to learn things is by watching short videos on how to do specific things and so a lot of this site does the same thing. The videos show what I am doing and what your computer will do when you press this or do that. A lot of how to make computers work is know where in the menu system to go to make the computer do what you want it to do. I think a number of people that claim to be computer illiterate just do not know where the menus (controls) are or how to use them and the on screen videos here will show you.

That is the biggest problem I have with the manuals and the “For Dummies” books – mostly manuals just tell you how to do things and often have just words with very few pictures. The “For Dummies” books are better they do have pictures as well as words and usually a better index and or table of contents than do the manuals. What we are doing here is mostly short “how to” videos that will show you what to do, how to do it and what the result is.

So far as computers, software, technology and gadgets we truly believe “you can do this, we can help” If something is not making sense to you, call or email us and we will walk you through it. If something is not making sense to a number of you that just means we need refine and simplify what we are teaching. If there is something you would like to learn how to do or do not understand how to do it again email or call us. We will work on a new module or video to to show you or to answer your question. Remember that if you have a question others will have the same question.

We use computers so much every day to do all sorts of things that unless you ask we will not know that you are having a problem understanding how to do things. Using computers, electronics, gadgets, software and other technical things does not mean we have any special skills or understanding, it just means we have a lot more practice in doing / using these things.

I guess in an “about” page I should talk about what I have done to get to today. I grew up on a farm in central Nebraska, went to rural one room elementary school and graduated from a small high school in a small town. I went to college for a couple of years and totally did not get it. There were more students in my Freshman English class than there were in my entire high school. In those days if one was not doing so great in College, one could get drafted into the military. I got my draft notice and decided to enlist. I joined the US Navy thinking I would work with radios or electronics which were things that have interested me since grade school.

The Navy made me a Hospital Corpsman – which at the time I thought was a bit odd, I knew nothing about hospitals, first aid, medicine. When I got out of the Navy I went on to become a Physicians Assistant and found I really did not like the medical field. At that time computer were starting to appear so I began working with computer. This was in the early 80’s I had a Commodore C-64 at home and also access to an Apple II. I sold my C64 when the Commodore Amiga came out and used it for a lot of things well into the 90’s. My first PC was running Windows 95. I upgraded PCs several times and now have several running Windows XP. I also have a MAC pro running Snow Leopard.

I have worked with desktop publishing, Auto Cad, most of the Microsoft Office programs in several different versions, video and photo software and on and on. Computers are just tools I use to get specific tasks done.

I worked in electronics construction for a number of years (sound, paging, data systems, nurse call systems and so on) I retired from that in 2006 and opened my brick and mortar store eTech n Stuff. I learned how to sell things on eBay and a lot of other sites like Amazon, eBid, eCrater and Bonanzle and most importantly how to set up my own site and sell things from that site. I learned how to set up blog sites and more recently things like Twitter and Facebook. Right now I am leaning how to use Camtasia.

With me it has always been about learning new things, new technologies, new hardware and software. It also has been about teaching people the things that I have learned.

Here is a LINK that will take you to a list of places where I am active on the Internet