This site is about helping “geezers” and I am certainly one (was a senior in High School when JFK was assassinated) learn about and how to use technology, computers, the Internet, Smart Phones, Tablets and whatever else people want to learn about.

This site is mainly about understanding how to use or better use your computer.  It is about using Windows XP and Windows 7 and I will be expanding out to Windows 8 however at the moment I have not had a good reason to purchase a computer running Windows 8.   I am also a MAC user and so if there is interest I can get into the basics of how to use the Apple MAC.

The first thing to know about learning how to use a PC computer (PCs run under Microsoft Windows) is to check with your local library.  Many libraries have free basic computer classes.  I will be teaching how to use your PC here and will make every effort to make what is here understandable.  If you find the information here to be too “complicated” I would suggest that you check at your local library to see if they have the free beginning computer class many libraries all over the country have these classes.  Also there are some adult education places that offer a beginning computer class.

The simple reality is this computers and technology are here to stay and so is the Internet and there are a lot of resources that can help you learn.

So far as the help, training and instruction that I am doing on this site, I assume you know enough about the Internet that you can “find” things on the Internet.  I also assume that you can at the very least send and receive email.

Below are some “boxes” and clicking on those will take you a specific area of instruction, information and training.  Something to know is there is a companion site geared more toward small business, internet marketing, buying and selling on the internet and more.  Click on this link SMALL BUSINESS GUIDES to go to the companion Small Business Site.  This will open a new tab on your browser and the site will be there.  To come back here just go to the tab where this site is.  Don’t know what tabs are?  Or how to use them – not a problem this will be covered on one of the video tutorials.


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